Rick & Soraya in Tombstone AZ {Tombstone AZ Portrait Photographer}

Rick and Soraya recently got married, but didn’t do any photos so we planned a day trip to Tombstone to do some portraits! I cannot express how much I enjoyed hanging out with these love birds all afternoon. The weather was beautiful, the locals were so friendly, and these two made my job so easy! It’s so refreshing to have such amazing couples who are overflowing with love! They danced, Rick did some roping, drank some margaritas, played with guns and pianos, and ended the evening with the guitar! These are some of my favorites!





















  1. Soraya Cronin. says:

    Amazing…Jen .you are soooo talented….

  2. Maria Patterson says:

    I can’t stop smiling. Beautiful couple! Love the pics! Love the couple!

  3. Nelly and Cyril Atherton says:

    Soraya and Rick, these pictures are amazing, You guys look sooo good, your love for each other shows in the pictures.
    Great job! Thanks for sharing. Love you!

  4. Nelly and Cyril Atherton says:

    Junny said you guys look like the old western movies. He liked the pictures.

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