Our Adventurous Shoot in Wilcox AZ {Wilcox Family and Child Photographer}

We arrived in Wilcox and it was about 95 degrees and sunny! We drove about 20 min to a beautiful area on Brian’s families land with mountain views, wispy green grass, cows roaming in the background, and puffy clouds in the sky. I pinched myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.
We photographed the large group and then Stacie and Brian with their handsome little guy and then all of a sudden the sky turned dark and these HUGE gusts of wind came through. The temperature dropped to the 70’s.
It was CRAZY!!!! We waited it out a while, drove to some other spots, saw some rattle snakes, cows, A DEER!, and waited some more. The winds were not letting up, but we didn’t give up.
We were heading back to Brian’s parents house and just before getting onto the main road the wind seemed to slow down a bit so we jumped out and like lightning speed started busting out photos!
With a little touchups to some fly aways, we managed to get everyone photographed! I am in love with these photos AND this amazing family. Such a great day with nature happening all around us!!

Love these 3!

Grandma taking Stark for a little stroll while we are waiting for the wind to calm down!

Cows, mountains, and clouds!

Soon to be husband and wife!

Brother and Sister!

Daddy’s little cowboy!


  1. <3 these are lovely! You captured their personalities and family love for each other very well. I've known the Smith's since their boys were little!

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